Commercial Contracts

Commercial contracts are agreements between two entities that set guidelines around what they can or cannot do in a commercial environment. Contract disputes occur when one or both parties to an agreement disagree about the terms and conditions. A contract is only valid when both parties fully understand the agreement and are willing to accept its terms. If the agreement is not mutual, it may be challenged in court.

Our partners advise on all type’s commercial contracts, both UK and international, ranging from franchise agreements, service agreements, supply agreements, terms of business agreements, sponsorship agreements, share sale and purchase agreements.

Our commercial team has extensive experience working in niche areas of corporate and commercial law, so we are able to offer deep specialist sector expertise and technical know-how to our clients, providing straight talking pragmatic advice that be used on a day-to-day basis.

Well drafted contracts offer a transparent view of what is being provided and what is expected in return, together with a road map for resolving any disputes in the business relationship along the way. Contract disputes stubbornly remain one of the most common legal expenses.

The best way to avoid such disputes is to draft robust and intelligent contracts and review these carefully before entering into a new business relationship.

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