Our Fees

Our aim is to provide clear and practical advice and to resolve any issues as quickly and economically as possible.

The details given below is a general guide to our fees and typical costs and is aimed at private individuals.

Pricing and Transparency

It is our policy to ensure that the fees you incur when instructing us to act on your behalf, will appropriately reflect the nature of work we are undertaking.

We will provide you with a fee quote in advance of carrying out any of your instructions, which will reflect the work we are required to perform. Our quote will set out additional costs incurred from third parties, but your consent to these fees will be sought before incurring any charges.

The basis of our charges will be by reference to the amount of time we spend on your matter. Fees will be adjusted to consider the nature and complexity of your matter, the value of the transaction and therefore the risk and benefit we provide together with any saving our expertise provides. Should you choose to limit our fees, this may affect the amount of work we are able to undertake.

All of our fees will incur a charge to VAT.

The SRA Transparency Rules

The Solicitors Regulation Authority requires us to publish specific information regarding costs associated with acting for clients who have instructed us in relation to their Wills or Probate instructions.

Basis of our charges for uncontested Probate

The affairs of a deceased person vary considerably depending upon the size and complexity of their estate. As such we charge clients an hourly rate to administer the estate rather than a fixed fee quote. Our hourly rate is £375.00 plus VAT in addition to which there are other third-party charges. (see below)

A simple administration is found where an individual has died leaving a valid will, with one beneficiary and there are no assets which require to be transferred by legal deed. A more complicated estate will include multiple beneficiaries and with multiple assets in the UK. A guide to elements included in a more complicated estate would be where Inheritance tax is payable, there may be business assets or properties that need transferring. Upon receipt of information surrounding the estate we will be in a position to provide you with an indication of likely costs.

Third Party Costs (in addition to our fees)
Probate Application fee £155 plus cost of additional Office Copies. There is no VAT.
Oath fee of £5 plus £2 per exhibit such as the Will.
Bankruptcy only searches at Land Charges Department which is £2 per search. There is no VAT.
Section 27 of the Trustee Act 1925 Notice fees which vary between £100 – £250 plus VAT.
Matters not included.

Where there are asset transfer fees and costs, these are not included within our fee estimate and will be quoted separately:

Sale and transfer of land and property.
Separate Tax Advice from within our Firm


We’re here to help and will endeavour to answer any questions. Financial matters can be complicated, our experts are on hand to help inform you of every aspect regarding your topic.

We take great pride in using our expertise for you and look forward to hearing from you.